A few links for tropical storms

Heavy rains are anticipated Monday possibly accompanied by strong winds. It's that time of year - a few useful links.

National Hurricane Center

Sarasota County Evacuation Shelters

More Weather Links

Sarasota County Home Page

From Sarasota County's Emergency Center:


​Be Prepared for Any Emergency

Create a disaster plan for your family, business and neighborhood. We can help.
If you live alone talk to your neighbors and friends about developing a neighborhood response plan.

Being prepared is your best protection and your responsibility. A good disaster preparedness plan provides a margin of safety protecting you, your family and your neighbors. Having a disaster plan improves your communities’ ability to recover.

Let’s work together and be prepared.

Emergency Services Mission

Sarasota County Emergency Services serves our community with P.R.I.D.E.
Devotion to Duty
Sarasota County Emergency Services Mission Statement is "Saving Lives and Protecting Property."


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