Highlights of April General Meeting

It was a short meeting, and here are the highlights....

We ARE getting the new trees in medians sooner than expected! County is back on track for doing this "as soon as possible" instead of waiting till end of summer. Guess they like us :)

April 19 in the morning: Will work on landscaping around the entrance signs. Sending another email out next week with more details and to recruit help (and I'll be sure you get paid just as much as all of us who helped last weekend... pure satisfaction of helping community). Still looking for someone with heavy equipment and time to help us get some boulders from county site, if you know of anyone.


Petty theft, annoying mischief, rude neighbors who like to destroy property and a few drug houses... Please be aware that we ALL can make a difference. If a pleasant request to neighbor isn't working, be persistent with reporting to police. "Squeeky wheel gets the grease".
We've been successful running off a few druggies already ~ just takes time.

Also, I found out the 365-TAGS hotline can be used to report ANY violation involving a vehicle, even for possible drug related activity. Just call and leave requested info: tag #, violation, date and location. Police will send a warning and you remain completely anonymous. This has been used to track and arrest drug dealers and buyers.
Thank You :)
Laura Mathis


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