Clean-up Saturday, General Meeting Tuesday, More

Median Clean-up: Saturday morning @ 9 a.m. Meet by the bulletin board on Mauna Loa w/ your gloves and a smile. We'll have bags and cold water. Will also bring the few remaining Lake Sarasota T-shirts if anyone wants to purchase.

General meeting: Tuesday, April 8th @ 7 pm
Will spend some time on the usuals: Beautification / Traffic Calming / Citizen's Patrol / Yard of Month
What else would you like to talk about?

The Manasota Regional Neighborhoods Summit is coming up on Saturday, April 12, 8-11:30 a.m.:

And....If anyone is interested:
The City of Tallahassee is proud to host the 12th Annual Florida Neighborhoods Conference to be held June 26-28, 2008. on-line registration is ready to use. It will accept conference, individual events, and exhibitor registrations.

Thank You :)
Laura Mathis


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