Summit Action Committees Meet Apr. 28th

The first Summit Action Committees meeting will be held on Monday, April 28th, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at College Hall, New College, 351 College Drive in Sarasota.

This meeting is the first follow-up to the Summit for Environmental Action, with the purpose of forming committees to take action on the five ideas stemming from the Summit. All interested community members are invited to take part in one or more committees. Each of the five committees will focus on one of the "Top 5 Ideas" from the Summit.

The topics are:
• Develop rainwater, stormwater, greywater and reuse as alternate
water sources.
• Require low impact development techniques for new development and
incentives to retrofit existing development.
• Fifty percent of Sarasota County buildings with solar hot water
heaters in five years.
• Attract sustainable/green manufacturing to the local area.
• Redesign transit system in conjunction with targeted mixed-use
redevelopment zones. "Great Transit connecting Great Communities."
These ideas were developed at the Summit for Environmental Action held in late February. Participants suggested ideas for change that would positively affect our local environment and used instant voting technology to choose the "Top 5 Ideas." These ideas are the focus of
the Summit Action Committees. If you would like to attend the April 28th meeting, please RSVP to SCOPE at (941) 365-8751 or email Kate Irwin at

SCOPE is a nonprofit organization that connects and inspires citizens
to create a better community. Learn more at


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