County Traffic Advisory Meeting Postponed

[Update: Not on May 12 meeting agenda]

The next traffic advisory meeting will not have Mauna Loa stop signs on the agenda. We are going back, possibly in June to try again to get more stop signs on Mauna Loa to slow the traffic. We are going to ask for two more and hope to get one.

Here's the question for you: Where do we want the signs?

Please pick two from these choices: Mauna Loa & Luzon or Mauna Loa & Fiji or Mauna Loa & Suva.

We need at least one sign placed between the one on Friendship and the next one on Luawana, in order to shorten the distance between signs that allows drivers to pick up speed.

If we can make a decision at the upcoming meeting I will compose a letter that includes our request for the stop sign placement to present to the board at the next meeting. If you wish to e mail the Traffic Advisory meeting with your concerns on this issue it would be helpful.

Thanks for your help. See you at the next meeting.

Judy Johnson


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