72 Hour Crime Spree?

Some new information from Ted Cover, who still needs volunteers for the Citizens Patrol (contact him here):
I've just received the October 2008 Crime Report for Lake Sarasota from the Sheriff's Dept.
There was an alarming increase in theft -- probably a symptom of economic hard times: 

Twenty-two were reported -- most of them within the span of three days:

Palau and Jarvis both had four incidents.  Java, Brentford, Lago, and Mauna Loa had two incidents each.  Paota, Lancaster, Hina, Rangi, and Honolulu each had one incident.  Most of the thefts occurred between Oct. 12 and 14.
I encourage everyone to keep garage doors closed as much as possible.  Keep car doors locked when parked in the front yard or street.  Don't make it easy for the thieves.  If we make it difficult for them, we discourage them.
Citizens Patrol 


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