Updates from the Chair

Bill Pitts has been elected Chairman of the Lake Sarasota Community Group for 2009 - here's his update:

Hello residents of Lake Sarasota:
We held our last meeting for this year on Tuesday, November 11,2008.  Many important topics were discussed.
Ellie Himes gave a treasury report and stated that we currently have $552 in our account.
There were three new winners chosen for Yard of the Month awards.
Ted Cover gave us a report on the citizen's patrol.  He asked that anyone who is signed up for the patrol and no longer wishes to be on it let him know so that he can remove your name from the list.  The lack of volunteers for patroling was addressed.  We took a vote and decided to assign patrol times to all volunteers still on the list.  Assignments will be made in alphabetical order starting with "A".  Ted will set up a schedule and let you know when you are assigned to patrol.  PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS WILL ONLY BE A COUPLE OF HOURS EVERY SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS AND THAT IT IS A VERY IMPORTANT JOB.  If you choose to no longer be a volunteer be let Ted know so that he does not put you on the patrol schedule.  You can contact him at 379-0758 orTCover6161@aol.com
Tisha Farrington gave a report on landscaping and explained that the new plants at the entrances to Lake Sarasota are in need of more frequent watering.  If you would like to volunteer to help out with the watering please let Tisha know.  You can reach her at 377-0755.
We are waiting to hear from the county about the use of a pump to keep the water circulating in the canals at Lakeview Park.
Habitat for Humanity will be working on a house on Samoa.  The program is called rehabitat for humanity and is designed to help with homes that are in need of repair (as opposed to new construction). If you would like to help out for a couple of hours please contact Laura. 
We are waiting to hear from the county about getting the grant money released to do the Pocket Park at Hina and Palau.
CERT Program:  We need to have 10 people signed up for the CERT Program by our next meeting on January, 13,2009.  If we get the 10 people, we can have the classes here in Lake Sarasota at our convenience.  Please contact Tom at lakesarasota@gmail.com to sign up for this very important program.
Lake Sarasota Community Group elections:  Our election was held and Bill Pitts was elected as Chairman of the Board.  There was a unanimous vote to keep all of the other officers and committee leaders in their positions.

On December 21st Santa will be visiting Lake Sarasota on a Fire Truck.  We will be announcing the time that he will be here.  Please take a minute to come out and say hello.  Last year the neighborhood kids got a kick out of seeing Santa riding on the Fire Truck.
Please try your best to start off next year by attending our meeting in January.  The more people that participate, the better it is for everyone.


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