Gator(s) in the park

Several people have recently reported seeing an alligator going from Lake Sarasota into the canals of Lakeview Park.

Tonight around 6:30 p.m. a four-foot alligator was spotted in one of the ponds in the park. It was sitting in the water, near the edge, and appeared to have a dead possum in its mouth.

People familiar with the park - including a few disc golfers - say they've seen this gator come and go for several months. About four months ago it - or another like it - was seen sunning itself near the seventh tee. The gator's presence is therefore most likely due to the natural return of water to the canals thanks to rainfall. Three or four alligators are understood to regularly circulate between the waters of Bent Tree and the lake and park.

It only makes sense to be wary. Dogs should be on leashes in the park, kids should stay out of the canals, golfers may need to accept the watery fate of discs that have gone astray.


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