July Meeting: Brief Update

The July meeting featured a PowerPoint presentation on how to recycle - and how not to. We will try to get a copy of the slides to share online.

  • The group voted to allocate $50 to fertilize palms in the Mauna Loa median that are outside the county's responsibility.
  • A few trees planted by the county in the same median have died and that fact will be relayed to the county.
  • The treasury of LSCG has $1,327.19, according to Ellie, mostly proceeds from various community functions. The group also still has some county grant funds remaining.
  • Ted reported 10 incidents in the past month - most occurring between 4 pm and 10 pm - a shift from the pattern earlier in the year, when more break-ins and thefts were taking place in the morning hours. Most popular days were M, Tu, W, and F.
  • Ted is also looking for Citizens Patrol volunteers for the next few weeks. Call him at 379-0758 or email tcover6161@aol.com
  • The flagpole has been moved to the second median, and construction on the new exit lane and low separator is underway at the Mauna Loa entrance.


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