Great Hurricane Blowout

From Sarasota Emergency Management:

Good Afternoon; The State Department of Emergency Management is supporting the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) with a program titled The Great Hurricane Blowout. This innovative program will promote a culture of hurricane-based preparedness in our state through fresh outreach methods. The final result of this program will help Floridians accomplish several objectives, including:

Ø  Making a family plan
Ø  Making a disaster-supply kit
Ø  Understanding safe cooking and sanitary practices without county and municipal utility services
Ø  Passing time without electricity or the family’s ability to safely leave its home
Ø  Mitigating the effects of storm damage on residences
Ø  Training with various disaster-related non-profit organizations

You can help the Great Hurricane Blowout move Florida’s families “down the path to preparedness” in multiple ways. You can visit the website at



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