Regatta this weekend: Volunteers Still Needed

Calling on All Area Business Owners/Community-Minded Residents,
We still need enthusiastic Volunteers for the 2010 Florida Intercollegiate Rowing Championship this coming weekend!!!  If you have already volunteered, please disregard this request.  This important community sporting event is being be held at the Nathan Benderson Park (formerly Cooper Creek) in North Sarasota County.  Our needs are as follows:

Friday,April 9th
5 Volunteers needed from 8 Am to NOON
8 Volunteers need from NOON till 4 PM
Saturday, April 10th
4 Volunteers needed from 5:30 AM to 10 AM
12 Volunteers needed from 7 AM until NOON

 Check your personal calendars and respond to this email (or call) if you can help us.  In you are unable to help this time, please forward our request to another person.  It’s important that we hear from you as soon as possible.
  This is an opportunity rarely afforded other communities and is an awesome chance for us to beAmbassadors for Sarasota.

Mary Marryott (456-1669) and John Krotec (400-7333)
Co-chairs for Volunteers, Regatta Organization Committee 


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