Did the County communicate?

From the Herald Trib -

Deputy County Administrator Bill Little said the county had "done a good job and worked pretty hard" to inform the public about changes to the mowing program. 
"I don't think you necessarily anticipate an individual taking action on their own to address a situation like this," he said. "I don't feel responsible for someone taking action on their own, to do something like this. I am very much concerned this happened. I'm very sorry it did happen. I have sympathy for the family, and they have our condolences."

Little said there are mowing schedules now available for the public by visiting the county website, scgov.net.

Has anyone seen these mowing schedules? Can anyone find them? At ScGov.net, there is this, which seems more like a plan than a schedule. (This was included in last week's County Connections on this blog).


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