Lake Sarasota Woman Loses Life Mowing Median

Nan Nahum, [Andrea] Rody's partner of 14 years, wept Monday as she spoke of how Rody often helped other people in the neighborhood, including cutting grass when it grew too high. 

SARASOTA COUNTY - If police accounts are true, some of Andrea Rody's final words blamed Sarasota County, and a contract dispute that delayed mowing of roadway medians, for her own death on Monday.
Rody, 45, who lived in the 6800 block of Mauna Loa Boulevard, was using a weed wacker about 9:30 a.m. Monday on the median near her home to cut down grass that grew 2 feet high during the ongoing county contract dispute.
As she worked, Rody was struck by a car; she later died at a hospital in St. Petersburg from her injuries, the Florida Highway Patrol said.
Ninety minutes before she was struck, Rody was approached by a county worker who saw her cutting the grass. Rody complained vehemently that the county had not mowed in two months, according to a county report.
The county worker told Rody he would need a work order before cutting grass on the median, the report said.
Apparently only moments before she was struck, the county worker returned to Mauna Loa Boulevard and told Rody a work order had been approved to cut her median later that day or on Tuesday. Rody thanked the employee, and said she would stop after she cut around one more bush, the report said.
The county report said that final interaction with Rody happened around 9:30 a.m.; FHP says Rody was struck at 9:30 a.m. 


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