Neighborhood Safety, Clean-Up featured at LSCG Meeting

Here's a summary of the June 27, 2013 Lake Sarasota Community Group meeting:

Treasurer's Report

The treasury has $358.71. The LSCG renewed its not-for-profit corporate status with the state of Florida. Ellie went over some of the options for grants, and knows how the application process works. Grant funds must be matched to man-hours. One idea: get a resident boy-scout troop involved.

A few ideas for projects that could be funded by grants include:
  • Nature Walk from Mauna Loa through to the Oak Park/Lakeview School area.
  • Improvements to Lakeview Park
  • Make something of the dead space at Luzon and Lancaster.
  • Revitalize Hina Park
Interested? Contact Ellie, or email her via

Sheriff's Office Rep
A flyer left at some homes projecting high crime in the area appears to have no basis in fact, according to Sheriff's Office Representative Det. Vince Riva, who spoke about the crime stats for Lake Sarasota. For the last 6 months there were four burglaries, only one of which was actually performed by criminals, rather than folks with connections to the homes (e.g., an angry ex-tenant). 
Det. Riva emphasized the value of a volunteer Citizen Patrol. "It's a great deterrent," he said, adding that it's a proactive way for volunteers to send a strong signal that neighbors are looking out for each other. Criminals tend to go elsewhere when confronted by evidence that people are alert and care.  
He also recommended that people call the Sheriff's office for any suspicious activity, including solicitors knocking on doors (e.g., meat sellers). 
The two numbers to know: 
Non-Emergency:  941.316.1201
Emergency:         911 
There's more useful info on the Sheriff's Site, he noted, adding that Lake Sarasota is not as quiet as it used to be. "Everything's coming to you," he said, noting the plan for a large Racetrac gas station opposite the community's entrance.
Det. Riva said residents of a community can be alert even as they are driving to work, or home. Take a different route, he suggested; keep an eye out for unfamiliar cars, especially if they're parked nose out from driveways - this is a way burglars conceal tags and make a fast getaway. If you spot something suspicious, don't intervene, call the SO.
Criminal activity dropped in May, according to Citizen Patrol Organizer Ted Cover. There were only three reported incidents last month, he noted. 
To volunteer for Citizen Patrol, contact Ted directly (379-0758), or email

Bee Ridge Road Widening
  • Road Construction probably to begin in Feb. 2014 and last overall about 2 yrs.
  • Traffic lights at Mauna Loa will be galvanized steel.
  • Street lights along Bee Ridge will be painted black, and probably be shaped like the lights on the new segment of Cattlemen north of Richardson.
  • The style and location of a new Lake Sarasota neighborhood sign will be taken up in a meeting with the County, possibly in July. Stay tuned.
  • Some have expressed concern that the widened Bee Ridge Rd. will complicate things at the I-75 offramp for drivers coming off the highway (northbound) and trying to get onto Bee Ridge heading east. Residents can express concern to FDOT, which has responsibility for the off-ramps Highway off Ramp concern: Roxann Lake, Community Liaison with FDOT at:

Thanks to generous neighbors, the flag at Mauna Loa has been replaced. We would welcome assistance with the old flag - contact 
The annual Neighborhood CleanUp for Lake Sarasota will be held July 20th, 8 a.m. to 2:30 pm. Dumpsters will be at the usual two locations: near the dog park on Hand Road, and at the Fire Station.
For those who seek more info about Code Enforcement, the County has a useful pamphlet that can be downloaded as a .pdf from this link. 
To reach Code Enforcement, call the North County office at 941-861-6403.

Real Estate
Inventory in Lake Sarasota is very tight; prices are rising and that trend should continue. More here and here.


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