Entrance Sign Agreement: Questions

Anyone in Lake Sarasota familiar with legal and/or liability issues for property? Our community is being offered a new signature sign for our entrance that will be placed on an easement at Mauna Loa and Bee Ridge after the widening of Bee Ridge road is complete. We need to evaluate options regarding future responsibility for the care, upkeep, and liability issues of the sign.

Liability: E.g.: If a car hits the sign, (1) who pays for the repair/replacement of the sign? and, (2) If someone in the car is hurt from hitting the sign, who can be liable?

Maintenance: For safety reasons, the County has prohibited residents from working on the medians of Mauna Loa. Would this apply to the landscaping area around the new sign? If so, then what landscaping will be allowed, and who will maintain it?

If you have expertise and would like to help our Volunteer Board evaluate options, you can reach us at lakesarasota@gmail.com - thanks!

Sample Entrance Sign


Debbie Jones said…
great tips.. had fun reading this..

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