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July 25, 2013

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As we told you last week,Sarasota County continues to expand its Facebook presence to allow us to target county news directly to individual audiences. The county has a new official page, Sarasota County Government, and Hurricane Central is now Emergency Management. To ensure you receive all ourupdates:  
  1. Go to the pages shown above.
  2. Hover over the 'Like' button.
  3. Click 'Settings.' 
  4. Select 'All updates.' 
More community news below the line!
Propane tank emergency recall
The Sarasota County Fire Department is advising citizens of a nationwide recall of 55,000 propane tanks manufactured by the Lite Cylinder Company.
Pack the Viva Florida time capsule
What do you think life will be like in Sarasota County in the year 2071? Some of the most creative visions will be included in a time capsule that will be buried Dec. 14 at a site near the Osprey Library at Historic Spanish Point in Osprey.
Watch why counties matter
Every year, your county is providing valuable resources to your community and making where you live a better place. Pleasewatch this video and SHARE it with your friends, citizens and colleagues.
Green Business Partnership welcomes nine new members
Sarasota County's Green Business Partnership has added nine new members to a community of companies and organizations that are demonstrating their commitment to a healthy environment for employees and the community at large.
County to accept proposals on surplus land sales
Beginning Aug. 1, Sarasota County will accept proposals on the sale and use of land parcels deemed to be surplus property.
Master Gardners give back to special needs students
The Sarasota County Master Gardeners, a volunteer group working through Sarasota County Extension, has completed a beautification project at the Oak Park School.
VCC Summer Arts and Crafts Show offers hot deals, cool temperatures
Temperatures are hot outside, but deals on some of the area's finest arts and crafts will be pretty cool at the Summer Arts and Crafts Show Aug. 10.
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