Candidate to visit Lake Sarasota

County Commission candidate Lourdes Ramirez will visit Lake Sarasota Wednesday afternoon, April 16th.

Ms. Ramirez, a Republican, is the first candidate to come to the neighborhood this campaign season, and the visit is on her own initiative. She is president of the Sarasota County Council of Neighborhood Associations, or CONA. Her candidate page is here.

One key issue of this year's County Commission campaign concerns the "2050 Plan" -- the County's directives for new development east of I-75.

The position of CONA is that new development should pay for itself. From CONA's home page:
NO new taxes for current county residents, especially to pay for new development.
Ramirez will be meeting residents of Lake Sarasota on Wednesday afternoon. Look for her car (with name signs) on Mauna Loa Blvd as well as other neighborhood roads. More about Ramirez and this year's issues herehere, and here.


Wow! It's so nice that she'll be able to visit Lake Sarasota. I'll be waiting to read more on updates about her visitation. Thanks!

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