Changes to 2050 - What's at stake - Check the new blog

A new blog is now consolidating information, background resources, and current conversation surrounding the proposed changes to Sarasota County's 2050 Comprehensive Plan.

The blog is SarasotaVision2050, and it can be found here:

The stakes are not trivial for communities East of I-75. If developers get the green light to start building all at once, not only will they choke our roads and land with excessive housing, but the new housing will dilute and degrade the market of existing homes - yours and mine - in Sarasota County. What's more, the developers will be competing against each other for a very limited resource - the high-end retiree market. Instead they should be planning a knock-out beautiful public vision of East Sarasota - and let the developers consider all kinds of housing - for working people, families, as well as rich retirees.

If the changes to 2050 pass, and it is expected they will at a County hearing on Oct. 22 (1:30 pm at the County Admin Center on Ringling Blvd.), watch your taxes go up, the value of your homes go down, and your quality of life go South.


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