Community Meeting Sept. 11th, 7 pm

The next community meeting of the Lake Sarasota Community Group (LSCG) will feature a Sarasota County grants coordinator who will talk about how to apply for county grants of up to $10,000 for the neighborhood, and the kinds of projects that can be done.

The LSCG will meet Thursday, Sept. 11 at 7 pm at Sarasota Alliance Church, directly opposite Chaucer at Bee Ridge. The meeting rooms are behind the church building.

So far the agenda includes:
  • Grants talk and help - Sarasota County volunteer coordinator Kathlyn Clayton.
  • Update on Bee Ridge roadwork.
  • Status of Racetrac.
  • Status of TerraCap and the BRPOC rezoning.
  • 2050 Plan update.
  • Rothenbach Park Initiative
  • Possibility of Fall Neighborhood Garage Sale.
All are welcome to attend these meetings - we are strictly volunteer - no dues!


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