Citizens Patrol Training this evening

*Citizen's Patrol Training:
Tuesday (this evening!) 7-7:30 pm @ Sarasota Baptist Church - Room #100 via Admin entrance.

*New Officers:
We need nominations (and feel free to nominate yourself :) for voting in @ November meeting:

Chairman (no nominations yet, and I'll be passing the baton….)
Beautification Director (Tisha Farrington & Dawn Steele so far)
Membership Director (I'll help w/ newsletters, but need a new 'PR' type person for this role)
Treasurer (I'll nominate myself if need be, but would like to see someone new here, too)

We have the following on Committees:
Citizen's Patrol - George Morgan (and he could use help or a replacement :)
Yard of Month - Rene' Pitts
Traffic Calming / Safety - Judy Johnson
Welcome Wagon - Rene' Pitts and Diane MacDonald
Events - Sandy Allen (THANK YOU SANDY FOR 'STEPPING UP' :)
Neighbor to Neighbor Assistance - needs a leader!


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