Proposed Articles of Incorporation

Hello neighbors,
We had a great turnout at the meeting last Tuesday and worked through a draft of the Articles of Incorporation - see immediately below for the text.

The next step will be the final voting on Articles and of Officers at the November meeting.
Please take a look at the 4 officer positions and email me nominations.
We also voted to do the landscaping at front median ourselves as the landscaper "fell through" .
Flag is getting closer to happening as we work thru more "hoops" to jump through.
Thank you,
Laura Mathis


Articles of Incorporation

Article 1: Name of Organization

The name of the organization shall be the Lake Sarasota Community Group (LSCG).

Mailing address: PO Box 21983 Sarasota, FL 34276

Article II: Statement of Purpose

LSCG 's purpose is to maintain and improve the beauty, safety, sense of community and quality of life of residents of our neighborhood. The members of LSCG have gathered together to form and support this association because they recognize that they may more effectively and positively influence activities that affect their quality of life by acting collectively rather than individually. The LSCG seeks to serve the neighborhood with individuals and families of diverse needs, interests and backgrounds, and believes in and will strive to respect that diversity.

Article III: Membership, Meetings and Voting

Section 1: Boundaries.

LSCG 's boundaries are established as per attached map.

Section 2: Membership.

a) Membership in LSCG is open to any person residing within the LSCG boundaries and/or any owner of property within the LSCG boundaries.

b) Any eligible person may become a member by signing the meeting attendance register at a general or special meeting. An eligible person may also become a member at any time by submitting to the Membership Director a written statement of intent to join LSCG. Once a person is a member, they remain a member until eligibility requirements are no longer satisfied or a resignation, in writing, is submitted to the Membership Director.

Section 3: Voting.

a) Residents and property owners who are members and are otherwise eligible to vote under these by-laws shall have one vote each per residence and/or property owner to be cast during attendance at any general or special meeting.

b) Voting must be done in person at the meetings, and no voting by proxy is allowed. Voting shall be in the manner determined by the presiding officer. The secretary records votes in the minutes.

Section 4: Majority and Resolutions.

A majority constitutes those eligible to vote in attendance of the specified meeting. Those voting must include at least eight members. Resolution is adopted by a simple majority of those voting.

Section 5: Meetings.

a) Meetings shall be general or special, and notice must be given at least one week in advance.

b) General meetings shall be open to all members and will be held not less than once a year, and are currently the 2nd Tuesday of each month..

c) Special meetings may be called by current officers, but not more than twice a month and are open to all members. Special meetings are held at times other than a general meeting time for the purpose of informing members of any activity or to expedite activities of the LSCG. This request is passed by majority of those present.

d) Any meeting, whether general or special, shall be at a place and time set by and called to order by the Chairman or another officer acting on his or her behalf and at least 2 officers must be present.

e) There shall be at least one week's notice provided to the membership of a general or special meeting, although shorter notice may be provided in case of any emergency.

Article IV: By-Laws

Section 1: Adoption of By-Laws

These by-laws shall be adopted at an organizational meeting. The organizational meeting may be called by any person eligible for membership in LSCG, the by-laws will become effective upon approval by a majority of those voting at the organizational meeting who are eligible for membership in LSCG.

Section 2: By-Laws Amendments

These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote at a general or special meeting provided the amendment is in writing and has been discussed and reviewed by the current officers.

Section 3: Communications with the County

LSCG shall provide the County with:

a) Any updates or amendments to the by-laws.

b) A current map of the LSCG boundaries.

c) A current list of LSCG officers and their addresses.

d) Any other information that may be required by County ordinance or code to obtain or retain recognition from the County as a neighborhood association.

Article V: Officers

Section 1: Board of Directors (Board)

The Board of Directors consists of the Chairman, Beautification Director, Membership Director, and Treasurer. Board positions will be held for one-year terms. Board vacancies will be filled by a majority vote of the membership and will serve for the unexpired portion of the one-year term. Board members and committee chairpersons may meet at their discretion and, as allowed by law, to plan meetings and make committee appointments.

Section 2: Officer's Duties and responsibilities.

a) Chairman:

1. Calls, prepares agenda for, and presides at all meetings.

2. Acts as liaison with the county and Neighborhood Services.

3. Sees that other officers, committee chairpersons and committees act consistent with the authority delegated by the membership.

b) Beautification Director:

1. Assists the Chairman with all duties of his/her office.

2. Presides at meetings in the Chairman’s absence.

3. Serves as Chairperson of all community beautification projects.

c) Membership Director:

1. Maintains the membership roster.

2. Keeps permanent record of minutes of all meetings, correspondence, and LSCG records, property and archives.

3. Provides and coordinates meeting notices and newsletters.

d) Treasurer:

1. Keeps financial records and maintains checking account of LSCG.

2. Prepares and files any financial reports required by government authorities.

Section 3: Elections of Officers.

a) An initial election of officers shall be held after these by-laws are adopted by a majority of the membership present.

b) Any member can nominate any other member, including him or herself for an elected office.

c) Officers must be members eligible to vote and must be elected by a majority of those voting.

d) If no nominee receives a majority of votes in a contested election, there shall be a runoff election between the two nominees receiving the most votes.

e) Elections shall be held at November general meeting and terms commence January - December.

Article VI: Committees

Committees will provide LSCG with policies, recommendations or reports for approval by the membership of LSCG. Unless otherwise noted, the Board appoints chairpersons for standing and special committees and committee members. The Board may elect not to fill certain committees and may delegate the appointment of committee members to committee chairpersons.

Section 1: Standing Committees.

The following are standing committees of LSCG:

a) Citizens Patrol – Coordinates training sessions and assigns members to help with scheduling.

b) Yard of the Month – Coordinates gathering of nominations per Yard of the Month guidelines, taking of pictures of nominees, sending certificates, posting of signs and drawing winners at random during monthly general meetings.

c) Traffic Calming / Safety – Coordinates traffic and safety related initiatives by acting as liaison with appropriate County departments in proposing and gaining community support for initiatives.

d) Welcome Wagon – Coordinates welcoming new residents.

e) Events – Coordinates community events upon vote at general meeting of event selection.

f) Neighbor-to-Neighbor Assistance – encourages and promotes assistance to neighbors with special needs.

g) Webmaster – Maintains the LSCG website.

Section 2: Special Committees

Special committees will assist LSCG and the County in developing and reviewing issues and problems of mutual concern. Special committees may be used to broaden the participation of LSCG in advisory roles to the County relating to policy matters and decisions that may come before the County, administration or County boards and commissions.

a) Safety: Make recommendations to increase the safety of homes and businesses of LSCG.

b) Parks and Recreation: Promote and make recommendations relating to the location of parks and recreation facilities.

c) Public Works: Make recommendations relating to traffic management, street maintenance, storm and sewer facilities, sidewalks and bicycle paths.

d) Land Development: Recommend land uses for housing, businesses, streets and other facilities requiring construction or alteration of the existing landscape. Review planning goals and guidelines.

e) Schools and Education: Make recommendations on public school activities, educational needs, school board issues, and related concerns.

Adopted: ________________, 2007

Attest: __________________________

Chairman, Lake Sarasota Community Group


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