Home for a puppy?

From one of our residents:

We rescued 6 black lab (mix) puppies out of the middle of the road on Saturday. PLEASE help me find them homes - otherwise, it's Animal Control - which means they only have 5 days. We've bathed them, sprayed them for fleas and wormed them....but we can't keep them. They are currently in a kennel in my basement since I don't have a fence. I've lost count of the number of rescue groups that I've contacted, only to be turned down due to no room. Please check with every dog person you know to see if they need a puppy.

Contact: Sioux, 920-6765, or (m) 695-5235


Phil said…
I've tried calling, but it says the # is not a working #. Is there any other way I can contact them?
lakesarasota said…
We checked and apparently they have all been placed - thanks for your interest.

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