Highlights of the October Meeting

Some highlights of the October 9th General Meeting, which saw some new faces:

Residents are encouraged to attend a Traffic Advisory Board Meeting to support the effort to slow down the cars, trucks and schoolbusses - that's right - racing along Mauna Loa. The meeting will be on Monday Nov. 5th, 2 p.m. at the County Commission Chambers on Ringling Blvd. The more folks who turn out, the better our chances.

The front median is due to have a new flagpole, and shortly thereafter there will be a planting day to landscape it. Residents voted at tonight's meeting to do it ourselves - stay tuned.

Citizens Patrol has tentatively set a training session for Tuesday Oct. 23, 7 p.m. at the same meeting room in Sarasota Baptist where our general meetings are held. George Morgan is also looking for people to talk about the program to their neighbors. Speaking of crime, did you know you can get daily updates from the Sheriff's Office?

We also drafted a version of some Articles of Incorporation for the Lake Sarasota Community Group. The main reason is to enable the community to have a bank account for contributions. We still have no dues, no deed restrictions, and no plans to ever have either one.

Those attending also voted to invite a representative from the County Property Appraiser to speak to us at an upcoming meeting. The sooner the better, was the idea. More on that as it develops.

And last but not least, three new Yards of the Month were selected and the proud owners will soon be receiving their signs.

Next General Meeting: Tuesday, Nov. 13th, 7 p.m., Sarasota Baptist.


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