A Note from Laura and a Change of Guard

Laura has been LSCG's official president, unofficial leader and behind the scenes go-to person for a full two years. We are deeply grateful for all she's done, and are pleased that she'll stay on as a valued contributor even as some very talented new people are stepping up to help out. Here's Laura's note:

Hello neighbors, 

For those of you who couldn't make it, the meeting last night was really good ~ despite the rain! 
We had 4 new people there and many great ideas & projects happening.  Recap is forthcoming. 
Bill Pitts, who also led our meeting last night (Thanks Bill!) has stepped up to handle the email. 
So, for at least the immediate future, if you have email inquiries; please send them to: 
JPitts9710@aol.com or lakesarasota@gmail.com

Also, be thinking about…. Who would be a good President to lead and motivate our group. 
Maybe it's You!  We'll be doing elections for our group in November.  What timing!

Thank You :) 
Laura Mathis 


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