Fertilizing and Planting Near Our Lakes

We take our lakes for granted, but the more we understand about their ecologies, the better we'll be able to ensure that we don't cause irretrievable damage by over-fertilizing, over spraying, or other harmful practices.

Here are a few culprits that arise when homeowners who live by the lakes ignore basic precautions:


Grass sprayed:

"Bag worm:"

By the way, he county has two brochures of interest to anyone living near bodies of water:

Living on the Water's Edge: A Homeowners Guide to Low Maintenance Landscaping Along Seawalls, Bayfronts and Canals

Sarasota County Fertilizer and Landscape Management Code

We are forming a Group that will address lake and waterway issues in Lake Sarasota. Please join us whether you live on a lake or just care about them. Start by dropping us a line - tell us about you and your concern.

Both brochures and other info can be downloaded from the county's website, here. We have also made them available on the files page on the Lake Sarasota Website.


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