Please Welcome Bill

A note from our new point person Bill Pitts:

This is my first attempt at this, so I hope it is informative!
Recap of Tuesday's meeting:
Ellie Hines reported that we have a balance of $672.68 in our account.
The citizens patrol is in urgent need of volunteers.  Please contact Ted Cover and volunteer your services for a couple of hours if you possibly can.  Ted will be scheduling a training class later in the month.  We will notify you of the date and time.
Our front entrance landscaping project will begin on September 29th.
I will be leading the monthly meetings if Dan Johnson is not available to do so. I will also be handling email communications.
We made a decision to buy signs to put up in the neighborhood to notify our neighbors about the upcoming meetings.  Please try and attend the meetings.  Everything works better with more participants.
We talked about the construction of the Pocket Park at Hina and Palau.  The decision was made to name it the "Hina Point Park". 

We had a discussion regarding replacing the pump at Lakeview Park.  We would like to see if we can keep the water in the canals circulating year round.  We will be checking with the county on whether or not we can get a new pump installed.*


George Morgan will be arranging classes for the CERT training program.  We will notify you when we have the time and place for the classes.  We need a minimum of 10 volunteers for the class.  It is something that is very worthwhile and we hope you will participate.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me.
Bill Pitts


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