Citizen Patrol Volunteers Needed for October

Fall is here as of today, and October is just around the corner.  And, we need to staff the Citizens Patrol for next month.  Here are the days and dates.
     Fri.   Oct. 3                Sat.   Oct. 4
     Fri. Oct. 10                Sat.  Oct. 11
     Fri. Oct. 17                Sat. Oct. 18
     Fri. Oct. 24                Sat. Oct. 25
     Fri. Oct. 31                Sat.   Nov. 1
Note that Halloween is a patrol night!
Please respond by return E-mail advising the night or nights that you can make the patrol.
We need more patrol volunteers.  In you know of anyone interested, please have them contact me so I can arrange training.
Here is the August crime report.
                    Vandalism:  8/27   7150 Lago St.
                                      8/30   4213 Middlesex Dr.
                                      8/30   7061 Brentford Rd.
                    Burglary     8/16    4051 Westminster Dr.
                                     8/23    6566 Mauna Loa Bv.
                    Theft          8/1     7127 Ranch
                                     8/5     7123 Lago St.
                                     8/8     7061 Brentford Rd.
                                     8/15   4147 Lancaster Dr.
                                     8/15   7230 Mauna Loa Bv.
                                     8/27   6934 Friendship Dr.
Thank you all for patrolling for the month of September.  We've had or will have patrols each weekend this month.
Citizens Patrol

Note: Citizens Patrol Training this Wednesday (9/24)


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