SCOPE - Sarasota County Openly Plans for Excellence - has several initiatives - here's a list from their site:

Every year, SCOPE engages a diverse group of people in conversations that focus on what we want our future to be as opposed to problem solving the past. In these conversations, or “community studies,” SCOPE frees people to innovate and create new approaches to change. Topics are chosen by local residents and have included race and cultural relations, affordable housing, school dropout, redevelopment and infill, family violence, traffic flow and congestion, mental health and aging. With each completed study, SCOPE volunteers work as partners with public officials, individuals and organizations to put those ideas into action and create meaningful change in the community.

> Aging: The Possibilities
> Race & Cultural Relations
> Neighborhoods Initiative
> Community Change: Redevelopment & Infill (2004)
> Family Violence (2004)
> Mental Health (2003)
> School Dropout (2003)
> Affordable Housing (2002)
> Traffic Flow & Congestion (2002)


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