County-wide Bike Map Project seeks support

Hello A.R.T. Members and Friends,

A.R.T. volunteers have been working on a SARASOTA BIKE MAP for over
three years and the file is finally complete!!  Check it out online at

We are beginning a fundraiser to raise the money needed for a Spring
2009 printing of 10,000 bike maps. They will be distributed for FREE
throughout Sarasota. 

            We need to raise over $6,000, so please do what you can:

-Donate online at, using JustGive or Paypal.
-Join or renew as a member at
-Volunteer to help arrange presentations and/or visit local businesses.
-Take out an ad on the bike map or get a friend’s business to take out
an ad. 
            Great green marketing tool, starting at $100.  Call 726-8800
for more info.

Please help A.R.T. put this map into the hands of the residents and
visitors of Sarasota.

Thanks Aubrey Goodman for starting us off with a generous $100 donation!


Andrew Noune
Alliance for Responsible Transportation
(941) 726-8800
PO Box 1741
Sarasota, FL 34230


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