The Sarasota County Auxiliary Communications Service is offering a
ham radio Technician License course for those individuals interested
in obtaining an entry level ham radio license.

We understand not everyone has time to spend in a classroom once or
twice a week, for several weeks.  For this reason, this course will
be strictly "self study" training, which you can do on your own
schedule.  A willingness to pre-study and take on-line practice
exams is an imperative part of this course.

Topics covered in the course, include:

 1) Radio Fundamental
 2) Electrical and RF Safety
 3) Radio Waves and Antennas
 4) Communications Modes and Methods
 5) Station Setup and Operation
 6) Operating Practices
 7) Federal Communications Commission Rules
 8) Control Operator Duties
 9) Emergency Communications
10) Special Operations

For those who are committed to doing the course, you will be provided
with a no frills, no nonsense Technician Study Guide (purchase of a
separate license study manual is NOT required).  This Technician Study
Guide presents everything needed to pass the test - and nothing you
don't need.  This, combined with on-line practice exams, should enable
you to receive your ham radio license.

Those interested in this ham radio course, please contact Ron Wetjen,
wd4ahz@gte.net .  You will be provided with the Technician Study Guide,
Technician Study Sheet, Technician Band Chart, and be registered for
the FCC exam session.  Registration is limited to 15 people.

The FCC exam session will be held on March 7, at the Sarasota County
Administration Building, 1660 Ringling Blvd., beginning at 9AM.

There is NO COST for the study material, review class, or ham radio

If you have any additional questions, please contact Ron Wetjen,

Ron Wetjen, WD4AHZ

Sarasota County Auxiliary Communications Service


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