More on the proposed change to Mauna Loa Entrance

More about the proposed change to the intersection at Mauna Loa and Bee Ridge Rd. The responses were offered by an engineer associated with the developer involved with the project:

Currently we have two lanes that can turn left onto Bee Ridge from Mauna Loa, Now that a third left turn lane is being added, what will be the directed use of the other two lanes at the intersection?

Response: The proposed plan will provide two dedicated left turn lanes and one combination thru-right turn lane.

What is your understanding of the purpose of the change?

Response: The proposed change will relieve some congestion at the south leg connection by providing the dedicated north/east bound lane.

What other changes will occur at the site - we know our first median will be removed - anything else, on any part of the intersection?

Response: My desire is to maintain the existing east and west curb lines. The County has "in concept" agreed with this other changes will be minimal.

What is the timing for this to occur?

With consideration to preparation of Construction Plans, the County Review and actual Construction, I'd estimate that work will be completed by mid-summer. The actual construction should take about a week or less.

Will there be, or have there been, any hearings or other approval procedures?

The approval process will consist of a review by the County Land Development Division, Stormwater Division, Transportation Division, Utility Division and SWFWMD. Hearings are not required.


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