Another good reason for Citizens Patrol

A significant update to the home invasion story:

SARASOTA - Police believe a series of home invasions targeting middle-aged and older women has climbed from two to five.

Last week, Sarasota police officials confirmed two attacks, now detectives have added a rape a month ago, a violent robbery in Manatee County and a fifth attack last Saturday night in a Phillippi Creek neighborhood in Sarasota County to the list.

A news story from Sunday, March 15:

SARASOTA - Another home invasion happened Saturday night in Sarasota County. 

Sheriff's deputies say they believe this isn't the first time the robber has struck.  It happened last night around 11:30pm.  A woman was inside her home in the River Forest subdivision.

Detectives say the man entered her house, tied her up and took off with cash, credit cards and small TV.  Deputies say the woman survived the attack, but neighbors say that shortly after the crime, the victim suffered a heart attack and is now in the hospital.

Detectives say this home invasion has the same M.O. as other robberies in the area.  more here.


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