Big Park CleanUp This Saturday

Organizers of the Lakeview Park CleanUp met with representatives of the County today, and all are prepared for Saturday's big CleanUp. All we need is YOU.

We're looking for help to clean the canals - removing debris, large and small, bottles, paper, picnic tables, possibly even dredging a bit to allow smoother water flows.

So, does anyone have a backhoe or a trailer they can bring? 

The county is bringing a large dumpster and plastic bags to collect trash.

Other helpful equipment would include:

  • Gas Chain Saws
  • Waders (boots for the canals)
  • Gloves (a must-have)
  • Shovels (the more the better)
  • Wagons or other means of lugging debris from the park to the dumpster.
A few hours on Saturday and the park will be so much better. 


Ray has contacted the Sarasota Sky Pilots Disk Golf Club, The Petanque Society, the Firemen, and of course our community has been informed.


Anyone, young or old, needing Community Service Hours - this will qualify - County Reps will sign your paperwork if you bring it.


There will be pulled pork sandwiches, home-made, water, pretzels, etc.

Meet at the Pavilion at 8 a.m., this Saturday. You never know - it might change your life.


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