Weekend Burglaries in Lake Sarasota

Two reports of burglar activity came in over the weekend. In one case, a man was spotted crawling into a garage that had its door open. The homeowner said:
Just want to alert everyone that this happened - in the bright light of the day, while we were all home.  And, I have a window in my door from the house to the garage - which is probably why he was crawling.  My garage door will now stay shut. 
I never saw his face, but from his size, body and clothing, my best guess is he appeared to be anywhere from 15-20 years old??  He was wearing tan colored shorts (to about his knees) and a white tank top and sneakers.
In the second report, the burglar(s) came through a small window (cutting the screen) on the screened porch facing the street, and seems to have had plenty of time to go through the home, leaving no fingerprints.

The owner says:
It was such a beautiful day to open the windows and let that great breeze in yesterday.I do not share this story with you to scare you as I will not live in fear just perhaps take a walk through your home today and check the windows. If I had it to do over, I would have put my treasures in a bank security box. After the feeling of my home being violated, just the heartache remains for the sentimental items that are irreplaceable.
A further update on the second incident:

The Sheriff's Office arrested a man on meth today who robbed my new
neighbor across the street, and another house on the next block.
They are fairly certain it fits the same description.


gaskint said…
Would you please give a location when posting the criminal activity. Lake Sarasota covers a large area and it would be nice to know it's next door, or on what street. Thanks

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