Walkway or Road?

A while back some people from the county looked at the space between Mauna Loa Boulevard and Hand Road -- it's a sidewalk with a wooded area, mainly, with a crossing on Jarvis -- and suggested it might be possible to create a kids' walk that would offer a safer, "greener" walkway, and possibly fun-use and educative environment for the many Lake Sarasota kids and parents who use that route to get to Lakeview Elementary, or to the park.

So far, the area has been cleared of invasive plants, risks and brush. 

What's next might involve getting some input from the community. But first, there needs to be clarity on the question of whether the community does or does not wish to have a road punched through from Mauna Loa to Hand Road. Apparently this issue has never been completely resolved.

Please give this some thought and let us know what you think about the road, and the walkway idea.

You can email us at lakesarasota@gmail.com, and/or come out to the Lakeview Park CleanUp on April 4 (8 am until done, meet at the pavilion by the lake), and/or come to our next regular monthly meeting, April 14, at Sarasota Baptist Church, at 7 pm.


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