Update on Gulf Oil Spill

Gov. Charlie Crist today expanded an executive order declaring a state of emergency in the Panhandle to include all counties on Florida's west coast as far south as Sarasota.

Crist says officials do not yet have an estimate of what it is going to cost to clean up Florida's shorelines if a massive oil spill reaches the state.

Crist, though, said that Florida would send the bill to the “responsible party" — BP PLC, the oil company that leased the drilling rig that exploded and continues to leak oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

The governor said he shared the frustration of local officials who are worried about not having enough floating booms to protect their beaches.

Mote Marine's site offers info on beach conditions around the state. It now has info on oil spills. Click here to see it.

And see below for info on Tallahassee's Emergency Operations Center Hotline - click to enlarge:


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