Does your family have a disaster plan?

Family Disaster Plan
It’s important to have a disaster plan for your family. Make sure your family knows the plan in case of a disaster.
  • Discuss the type of hazards that could affect your family.
  • Know your home’s vulnerability to storm surge, flooding and wind.
  • Locate a safe room or the safest areas in your home for each hurricane or weather related hazard.
    • Sometimes the safest areas may not be your home but within your community.
  • Have an escape route from your home and designate places to meet.
    • Consider the distance that everyone has to travel to get to the meeting place.
    • Always have one or two alternative meeting places.
  • Have an out-of-state friend as a family contact. This allows family members a single point of contact with someone out of affected area.
  • Make plans now for your pets in case of evacuation.
  • Post emergency telephone numbers near your phones and make sure children know how and when to call 9-1-1.
  • Review your insurance coverage.
    • Flood damage may not always be covered by homeowner’s insurance.
  • Stock up on non-perishable emergency supplies and have a disaster kit ready.
  • Use a NOAA weather radio. Replace its battery every six months. Make sure extra batteries are in your disaster kit.
  • Make it a household goal to have family members trained in first aid, CPR and disaster preparedness.
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