Business Directory Ready for Distribution

From Sandy:

We are currently putting together the business directory to be delivered and I need help.  If you can help put them together, please let me know. Also, I still need people to deliver them to the streets below.  If your street is listed or you se another street you can deliver to, please let me know. Street names are followed by the number of homes to deliver to. 

The Directory is a large element of our annual budget, and it's free to all residents. Please contact Sandy if you can help:, or 321-5582.

Berkshire 88
Bikini 36
Chaucer 19
Coleridge 18
Eton 19
Fiji 6
Honolulu 25
Jarvis Rd. 156
Lanai 33
Luzon 6
Marlborough 10
Maui 3
Mauna Loa 168
Paota 9
Ponea 22
Samoa 56
Tarawa 47
Tema 23
Timor 21
Tonga 32
Tora 5
Vana 54
Waikiki 33
Wake 34


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