Highlights of May LSCG Meeting

Much of the May 13th meeting at Sarasota Alliance Church was devoted to hearing developer Richard Fischer's idea for turning a 23-acre parcel of land at the west end of lake Sarasota -- between the edge of the development and I-75 -- into a nature sanctuary, park, or other amenity. Such a plan might tie in with the upgrading of Bee Ridge Road - even be a natural "front end" to a widened Bee Ridge corridor that would contain buffered borders including trees, bicycle lanes, meandering sidewalks and retention ponds. To fund the purchase of the land, Lake Sarasota could petition to create a special taxing district. Before this could go forward, 67% of Lake Sarasota's property owners would have to agree. More details to come.

Treasurer Ellie said sales of the local LSCG business directory have brought our funds to $1,482.74. Those present approved a $40 payment to renew the Group's post box for another year.

We still have $1,200 in county grant monies, said Debbie Marks with Neighborhood Services. The recent remulching of Mauna Loa and Hina Park were also paid for from the grant.

The Sheriff reported 7 incidents last month -- 1 act of vandalism, 5 thefts. This suggests a decline in crime, but this might change as schools close, he noted. Anyone who witnesses any sort of criminal activity should report it, he said.

Ted is holding a training class for new volunteers for Citizens Patrol on Wed., May 19th, at 7 pm at his home, 4102 Parry. Current Citizens Patrol volunteers are welcome to come as well for a refresher course. Call Ted at 379-0758 to RSVP. The Patrol needs more volunteers.

The next community clean-up is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, July 24. Debbie Marks will confirm the date soon.

At the next meeting, a representative of the county will discuss hurricane preparedness.

Sandy is planning another networking event, probably at Appleby's, date TBA. Last month's event at Madfish Grill was a big success, she said.


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