Disaster Preparedness May 18th

Disaster Preparedness Training for neighborhoods and faith-based organizations 
Now is the time to prepare your church or neighborhood association for the 2010 hurricane season which begins June 1. The most valuable, life saving tool you can have is accurate information! Sarasota County Emergency Management Chief Ed McCrane will share tips on creating a disaster preparedness kit, how to get up to date information and planning ahead for the safety of your family and your property. Join us 3:30-5 p.m., Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at the Sarasota County Emergency Operations Center.
  • May 18, 2010
  • 3:30-6 p.m.
  • EOC, 6th floor, 1660 Ringling Blvd.
Please RSVP by e-mail to pwilson@friendshipcenters.org or call the Friendship Volunteer Center at 953-5963.


tonyb said…
When it comes to our property, what do we expect in case of loss (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, fire, etc.)? The disaster itself is news. What happens after the dust settles is the story: the aftermath shock. Here is something the public should know. With a little curiosity, you the insurance policyholder can mitigate that shock.

You can now have access to your basic rights and vital information--even footing, equality--walk softly, but carry a big stick! The internet reaches far more people than anyone would have ever imagined, though it takes a rare person to pause, to inspect...to grasp the unknown. And yet, much is available gratis! Have a look: www.disasterprepared.info

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