Bee Ridge Road at the 60% Point

The 9.6.12 community review of the Bee Ridge Road widening was very well attended. Questions were asked and answered, comments and feedback were offered. Large images of the project showed the road as it is now planned, at 60% of planning now completed.

While still open to revision or modification, the current plans can be summarized as follows:

Impacts upon Lake Sarasota include five roads that will either be closed off or be given culs de sac at Bee Ridge: Maui, Allan, Eton, Coleridge and Chaucer.

In addition to four roundabouts at Tora/Golf Course Blvd., Aberdeen, Bent Tree and Iona, there will be u-turn options for those heading East at Hidden Glen and Royal Hammock Blvd.

The question has come up whether SCAT public bus system could be routed to go throuth Lake Sarasota -- if there's sufficient interest in the community to have this. Is there? Come to our meeting on 9.13 to discuss.

Eton along with Coleridge and Chaucer will be closed at Bee Ridge.

Vegetation for right of way and medians

Roundabouts at Tora, Aberdeen, Bent Tree and Iona

The meeting was well attended by residents of Bee Ridge East of I-75.

More planning will be done, and as questions arise, county planners have said they're willing to meet with residents of Lake Sarasota to explore choices and explain options. Stay tuned.


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