LA Fitness Update from Sandy

Hello, Neighbors!

We are pleased to be able to offer you a discount membership to the NEW LA Fitness at Bee Ridge & Cattlemen. I have several vouchers that will qualify you for the Lake Sarasota discount. You can bring the voucher to the Bee Ridge & Cattlemen LA Fitness facility or you can conveniently purchase your membership the LA Fitness website when using your unique voucher number. If you wish to add family members to your account, an additional voucher number is needed for each family member. This offer is only good untl 10-18-2012. If you already have a membership at the higher rate, I have been told you can change it for the lower discount rate with a voucher.

Here's the class schedule.

Website enrollment:
  • Go to:
  • Enter the voucher number
  • Select a membership plan
  • Enter demographics and billing information
  • Confirm purchase
  • An email will be sent welcoming the member along with a copy of the membership agreement
You must email me in order to receive your unique voucher. The discount price we have been given is $25 enrollment fee, then $29.99 a month. This price is only good for the Bee Ridge & Cattlemen location.

Thank you!
Sandy Allen
President - Lake Sarasota Community Group


jack peter said…
Thanks for sharing this valuable information really liked this post very much..keep posting. La Fitness Center

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