September 2012 General Meeting of LSCG

A brief summary of the September LSCG meeting:

1. Donald Hadsell spoke about zero-interest rehab loans available from the county. No monthly payments, and they don't need to be repaid until you sell your property. Contact the Office of Housing and Community Development, 941 951-3640.

2. A new gym is opening in the Burlington Coat Factory shopping center - where the Sweetbay had been, there's now an LA Fitness with a 25-meter pool, jacuzzi, weights, cardio, and a staff to help you get started. Opening tomorrow 10 am with special offers for Lake Sarasota Residents. Contact Tanya: 941 330-6316. Ask about group memberships, classes, personal training, kids club, and more.

3. Those present were asked how they'd feel about having an expanded SCAT bus route through Lake Sarasota. The response was uniformly positive, and the county planners will be made aware of the community's interest.

4. It was made clear that the signature walls at Westminster (with the Lake Sarasota name) will be taken down when Bee Ridge Road is widened. The group agreed to discuss with county planners what sort of walls, fencing, and naming would be desirable as the project moves forward. The road project is set to begin in October 2013 and optimistically be completed in Oct. 2014.

5. The property formerly known as Yum-Yum has been sold and is zoned for agriculture. A structure is going up that will serve some agricultural use.

6. Ellie gave the Treasurer's Report: $159.84. We might need to raise some funds to meet next year's incorporation fees.

7. Residents concerned about traffic calming in the wake of the Andrea Rody incident say they have called the county and were told it is not accepting traffic calming petitions. They now plan to contact the county's Traffic Advisory Council to see what might be done.

8. Ted says the summer saw a sharp decline in reported crime in the neighborhood. He thinks the incarceration of a thief who used to target the area might be one reason for the drop. There were seven reported incidents in June and only three in July. Sandy said she's seen data indicating that Lake Sarasota had the fourth lowest crime rate in Sarasota County, after Longboat and Siesta Key and one other.

As usual, Ted advised:
  • lock your car
  • lower your garage door
  • lock your home
  • get a home security system

9. There's a plan to paint the Mauna Loa entrance signs and possibly to remove the rotted sign in the median.

10. Sandy noted that the new Cafe Amalfi on Kenny Drive (near the Alehouse) now delivers to Lake Sarasota. Order online at the link -- be prepared for Italian music when the home page opens.

11. No definite date has been set for a Fall garage sale, but Sandy will be in touch.


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