Water Line Project Update

Representatives of Sarasota County Utilities met with Lake Sarasota residents tonight to give the latest info on the water line installation set for Jarvis St. and Lago Way. Here it is in brief with contact info for anyone with questions:

The county has awarded the contract to Derr Excavating. The project is expected to begin in December and to be completed by April 2008.

Property owners (some 63 properties) will need to decide where to locate the water meter. It is advisable to locate it away from the septic tank area if possible.

Those who wish to keep wells for lawn watering will need to install a backflow device. This will need to be reinspected annually for a fee.

Owners can join together to do a unified deal with a plumber to do both the hookups and the backflows, at a considerable group rate savings. If interested, email Tom at LakeSarasota@gmail.com.

A table showing fees and costs was handed out. A digitized version (click to enlarge) is below:

It is also available on our group on Yahoo: join if you need to, go to files, then find Lake Sarasota Fees.pdf.

Also: Low income financing might be available.
  • For general info, or more info about low income financing, call Linda Larsen, 861-0662.
  • For questions about the impact of the project on the neighborhood, call Rodney Jones, 861-0506. He will be the county's onsite representative once the project has begun.
  • For information about the installation of sidewalks, call Pinky Pakalapati, 861-0931 in Public Works.


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