Sarasota Baptist Church #100
(via admin offices entrance across from Worship Center)

6:30 - 7:00 p.m.
Water line project meeting with homeowners on Jarvis Rd.

7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
General meeting
*ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION for the Lake Sarasota Community Group
-We edited and voted on draft last month. This month we will vote on final and officers for 2008.
-See attached and please give me any thoughts before meeting and any nominations.
-So far we have the following:
Chairman: We need someone to "Step Up" :)
Beautification Directors: Tisha Farrington and Dawn Steele (they would like to co-direct)
Membership Director: a couple people are thinking about it, but we welcome more nominees :)
Treasurer: Ellie Himes

The 'Standing Committees' are fortunately filled except for 'Neighbor to Neighbor Assistance'.
'Events' and 'Citizen's Patrol' are always in need of more volunteers.

It is so important that we continue to get 'new blood' involved in this group as officers to bring fresh insight and ideas. THANK YOU to all the dedicated people in this group who have all made our community a better place :)

Flag Pole:
Still hung up in permitting with the county…. Trust that I have been 'round and round' on this one and will continue till it's done :)

Thank You :)
Laura Mathis


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