We adopted our By-Laws as the Lake Sarasota Community Group and voted in new officers for 2008 at our November meeting:

Chairman: Jeff Ellis (Mauna Loa) jeffreyellis@juno.com

Beautification Directors: Tisha Farrington (Friendship)

& Dawn Steele (Lancaster)

Membership Director: Judy Johnson (Mauna Loa)

Treasurer: Ellie Himes (Java)

We are applying for a tax id # and will soon have a checking account and accept donations sent to:

Lake Sarasota Community Group

PO Box 21983 Sarasota, FL 34276

Keep Sarasota Beautiful



Many thanks to Kim Davis for making Mauna Loa Blvd part of the Adopt-A-Road program. This is yet another positive influence to make our community cleaner and more attractive.

Kim will be putting together a schedule for residents who are interested in being involved with this endeavor to help pick up trash.

Please contact Kim if you would like to help out:


Litter Prevention Hotline: call 365-TAGS

to report anyone you see littering, including cigarette butts out of cars (give tag #)


We will be decorating our medians to celebrate the holidays.

Come out and join us! We will be meeting on Dec. 2 @ 1 pm by our announcement board (second median from Bee Ridge)

Thank You :)
Laura Mathis


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