Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Traffic Council Supports Additional Stop Sign for Mauna Loa

One of the four stop signs on Mauna Loa that residents of Lake Sarasota petitioned for now has the recommendation of the county's Traffic Advisory Council.

The Council today voted to send a recommendation in support of a stop sign at Friendship and Mauna Loa. Three other intersections were not recommended after a discussion that involved volume of traffic, average rates of speed as clocked by the Sheriff, and the absence of viable traffic calming alternatives (such as speed bumps or tables) thanks to the current budget crunch.

The county's budget squeeze is so tight that it is not accepting new requests for traffic calming as per its own ordinance.

Four residents spoke in favor of the additional stop signs, and one spoke against it.

The Council's recommendation goes to the County Commission for final action. The commission may choose to accept, decline, or modify the recommendation. All who wish can write to the Commission, or email each Commissioner separately. Here are their emails:

Paul Mercier - County Commissioner District 1
E-Mail: pmercier@scgov.net

Joe Barbetta - County Commissioner District 2
E-Mail: jbarbett@scgov.net

Shannon Staub - County Commissioner District 3
E-Mail: sstaub@scgov.net

Nora Patterson - County Commissioner District 4
E-Mail: npatters@scgov.net

Jon Thaxton - County Commissioner District 5
E-Mail: jthaxton@scgov.net

Mailing Address
County Commissioners
1660 Ringling Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34236

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